Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How large of an area do you require for your equipment?
Is there any special power or water needed?

* Enough for a standard 6 foot rectangular table. There’s no special power or water required. We supply everything, and only need a standard 110 v. outlet.

2. How many people can you serve?

* There is no limit. We are glad to serve as many people as needed.

3. Do you supply everything including water, cups, allied products, etc.?

* Yes, We Supply everything, including setup and breakdown of our coffee station.

4. Are your coffee and condiments Kosher?

* Yes, if requested, we can provide Kosher products

5. How long does it take to make one cup of coffee?

* Approximately 30 seconds per cup.

6. Do you offer decaffeinated coffee products also?

* Normally we serve regular coffee, brewed from fresh whole espresso beans.

7. How long does it take for you to setup and breakdown your equipment?

* One hour and 1/2.

8. Do you serve teas or other beverages also?

* No, our passion is to serve the best coffee and hot chocolate drinks.

9. Can you setup and serve on an outdoor covered patio or outdoors? If so, can you serve in any temperature, hot or cold?

* Yes we can serve anywhere, any doors and out.

10. What is the lead time needed for booking?

* We prefer at least 24 hours advance notice, depending on availability.

11. Do you work with party planners, meeting planners and caterers?

* Yes, they are very important part of our business.

12. What kind of condiments do you have available? Do you also serve liquor or liquors if requested?

* We will supply all the condiments normally required. We will also try to handle any request a client may have. We are not licensed to sell liquors, however the client may provide liquor on their own assuming it is allowed by the establishment.

13. What kind of savories do you offer and at what cost?

* Included in our service, we provide chocolates, Italian Biscotti’s or Brazilian coffee candies.

14. What is the cost of your basic service? What about options?

* Call us for a no obligation free quote. We feel confident that we offer exceptional value for our services.

15. Do you require me to sign a Contract or put up a Deposit?

* No contract is necessary. We simply require a $ 100.00 deposit in order to confirm your booking.

16. Do you take Credit Cards or checks?

* Yes, we accept credit card, check or cash.